Project Description

Contractual Staffing & One Time Staffing

Staffing for a Food & Beverages Space is essential and the most required for smooth functioning. Contract Staffing is for a limited time period as per the agreed terms of both parties. Replacements are provided for the staff (If required) within the time period of agreement for smooth and undisturbed functioning. One Time staffing is the same as the name suggests

Veersurety assists corporate and retail hospitality clients in their regular staffing requirements by providing permanent contractual experienced professionals. In today’s competitive business environment you need a food and beverage service team that understands and translates your mission, vision and helps you grow. High turnover of staff results in guest dissatisfaction and as a result affects their loyalty towards your brand and hospitality businesses fail.

We work with our clients by placing highly experienced hospitality teams on their payroll but managed professionally by us. Veersurety takes complete responsibility for your staffing needs throughout the year and ensures ongoing trainings to upkeep their engagement and performance levels, thus giving you more time to focus on other strategic aspects of your business. Veersurety works across hospitality industry verticals, catering to requirements of leading names in Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Café’s and Hospitals.